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If you would like to create a plan for your future, or if you need to make updates to an existing estate plan, our Planning Your Legacy guide can help you get started. Our guide is designed to encourage you to think about how you want your assets to be distributed after your lifetime and to help you gather the information your attorney will need to prepare your will and/or trust. We are glad to be able to provide Planning Your Legacy as a free service to our donors.

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Alexcia Jellum 2016
Olin and Sylvia Jessup Scholarship Fund

"Being able to attend Lawrence has been a wonderful and enriching experience and I want to just say thank you for the Olin and Sylvia Jessup Scholarship I have received. I love the level of involvement that I'm able to attain while attending Lawrence. I've been able to travel with Habitat for Humanity and explore the lives of people very different from myself in classes like The Civic Life Project. The experiences that I have gained from the classroom, my dedicated professors, and my determined and open minded peers are priceless!"

Kaitlin Yorde 2017
Maurine Campbell Endowed Scholarship

"My name is Kaity Yorde and I would just like to say thank you for the Maurine Campbell Endowed Scholarship I received this year! Because of this scholarship, I was able to attend the amazing school that is Lawrence and pursue a degree with a double major in Linguistics and Chinese. Once again, I thank you for contributing to my schooling!"

Clara Imon Pedtke 2016
Shirlee Emmons Baldwin Scholarship

"Attending Lawrence has been an amazing experience! I cannot imagine a better place to help me grow as a musician, student, and person. I am so grateful for the support I have received through scholarships such as the Shirlee Emmons Baldwin Scholarship. Thank you so much!! Your generosity means a great deal to me and your support helps me follow my dreams."

Ryan DePouw 2015
Ansorge Family Scholarship

"Thank you very much for the generous Ansorge Family Scholarship you have provided me with. Your donation toward my education has allowed me the opportunity to attend a prestigious institution like Lawrence that I otherwise would not have had. Your donation has allowed me to continue to pursue my interest in the field of history, an area of study I have always loved. I have no doubt that Lawrence has prepared me to be successful in my future endeavors, and wouldn't trade my experience at this great institution for anything."

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