Sharing Your Legacy

Thank you for sharing your story on why you chose to join Legacy Circle. There is such strength in donor testimonials and we would like the opportunity to feature you on this website and possibly in Lawrence publications.

Please use the form below to submit your story and then email us at with a high resolution picture of you or you and your family so we can feature you soon.

Thank you again for taking the time to share your legacy story!

Galen Dods, 2016
Edwin N. West Scholarship

"The West Family and Scholarship has afforded me a multitude of opportunities that have been crucial to my development as a student, citizen and human being. With the assistance of the West Scholarship, I have had the opportunity to engage in first-rate biochemistry research and to see a bit of the rest of the world. It has challenged me academically and expanded my perspective of the world: experiences invaluable to my growth as a person."


Alexcia Jellum 2016
Olin and Sylvia Jessup Scholarship Fund

"Being able to attend Lawrence has been a wonderful and enriching experience and I want to just say thank you for the Olin and Sylvia Jessup Scholarship I have received. I love the level of involvement that I'm able to attain while attending Lawrence. I've been able to travel with Habitat for Humanity and explore the lives of people very different from myself in classes like The Civic Life Project. The experiences that I have gained from the classroom, my dedicated professors, and my determined and open minded peers are priceless!"

Kaitlin Yorde 2017
Maurine Campbell Endowed Scholarship

"My name is Kaity Yorde and I would just like to say thank you for the Maurine Campbell Endowed Scholarship I received this year! Because of this scholarship, I was able to attend the amazing school that is Lawrence and pursue a degree with a double major in Linguistics and Chinese. Once again, I thank you for contributing to my schooling!"

Clara Imon Pedtke 2016
Shirlee Emmons Baldwin Scholarship

"Attending Lawrence has been an amazing experience! I cannot imagine a better place to help me grow as a musician, student, and person. I am so grateful for the support I have received through scholarships such as the Shirlee Emmons Baldwin Scholarship. Thank you so much!! Your generosity means a great deal to me and your support helps me follow my dreams."

Joe Johnson 2017
Amy Aplin Larsen Scholarship

"The Amy Aplin Larsen Scholarship has allowed me to pursue tons of opportunities at Lawrence as part of a liberal arts education. I have been able to take classes from close to a dozen different academic departments, perform in ensembles and theatre productions, and take part in shaping the Lawrence community. Regardless of what field I may go into, the connections I have made here at Lawrence with staff, faculty, and friends have been invaluable. Thank you!"

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